Lord's Supper: Sunday, June 24th during the Evening Worship Service


Final VBS Meeting: Sunday, July 1st at 5:00PM


Choir Practices begin every Sunday at 5:30PM


Siding Project Work Days Resuming: Work Days will continue every Saturday (unless otherwise noted) at 9:00AM.  Lunch will be served.




 Update on Missions





Motto: "Believing on God’s Son, Obeying God’s Holy Word, and Serving in God’s House"


The Master Club ministry meets during the school year on Wednesday nights for children from 4 years old to 6th grade. The purpose of Master Clubs is to teach children God’s Word and how to apply it in their daily lives. We train them to serve the Lord and their local church and to be positive testimonies for the Lord. The program is geared for discipleship and Christian growth, all presented in a fun and exciting way. The schedule follows the school year with a summer break.

Our monthly format consists of Bible lessons, projects, and a game and snack evening. Our teachers are very creative in preparing fun Bible based games and kid appealing snacks. In addition to Bible lessons, there is prayer time, scripture memorization, song time, and special projects such as missions and local church emphasis. A Master Clubber can learn over 200 scripture verses and earn badges and ribbons for memorizing Bible verses and completing book work and special projects.

This ministry could not happen without the hard working dedicated team of people who faithfully serve every week. This year we saw a total of 63 clubbers come through our doors. Typically around 30 of these childrenattend faithfully every week. Ten teachers were instrumental in making Master Clubs a success, and I thank each of them for being willing servants in helping share Christ with these clubbers.

Our coin drive this year was given to Camp Northfield. The clubbers raised $202.04!

We had four clubbers place in the top five places of their mailbox contest categories this year.

 Missions Coin Drive: Master Clubs places a strong emphasis on Missions. It is encouraging to see the kids have a heart for Missions.

 Competition Events: Master Clubs holds a Mailbox Contests which receives both national and international submissions. So it is especially exciting when our kids won from among thousands!

 Closing Ceremony: The graduation and fellowship is held at the end of May to celebrate the year’s accomplishments. A large number of awards were handed out, especially in Attendance.

 We greatly appreciate the teachers and assistants without whom this program could not be the success it is & your weekly faithful service and devotion to the children.

"Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14



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