Lord's Supper: Sunday, June 24th during the Evening Worship Service


Final VBS Meeting: Sunday, July 1st at 5:00PM


Choir Practices begin every Sunday at 5:30PM


Siding Project Work Days Resuming: Work Days will continue every Saturday (unless otherwise noted) at 9:00AM.  Lunch will be served.




 Update on Missions




Ghana, Africa


"The ministry that God has given to us in Africa is more than we could have ever dreamed of. We are now beginning to harvest years of sowing and watering of the precious seeds of the gospel. Years of discipleship is now bearing great fruit. Our Christian school has now reached the 11th grade, and our first orphans will soon be graduating from high school. Some of our first Bible School students are now veteran church planters who stand side by side with us in the work. We wake up each morning with greater anticipation and ask what will God do here today? Thank you for allowing us to represent you in Africa. For Eternity!

God has blessed us with seven dear children. The three older ones are living in the Atlanta area, and the four younger ones live with us in Ghana. My parents, Pastor John & Patricia Volante, lived with us for the first part of this year and helped with a new church plant in the village of Nsuta. Our big family news this year is the birth of our second grandchild, John Carter Volante, born to John & Melissa Volante on June 28. We are also happy to announce the engagement and marriage of our third daughter Samantha to Mr. James Wirthlin of Georgia. This “crazy in love man” jumped out of an airplane, landed on the ground, and spread a huge sign on the ground to ask Sam to marry him. As she landed her parachute, her diving instructor kept asking if she could read the “Marry Me” sign below. Lord willing, I will give Samantha to James on February 9, 2013, before we return to Ghana on February 12.

The older Michelle and I get, the more precious our family becomes to us. We believe the most important ministry we have is loving and leading our own family. With children spanning the ages from 4-24, we realize we are not your normal family. Please pray for us as we chart a new course in our ministry trying to lead the ministry in Africa while also trying to relieve Dr. Patterson of some of his crushing administrative load." (Excerpted from Mt. Abarim BMI)

Read Pastor Volante's March prayer letter.




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